Fitness & Nutrition

A few minutes away from Mountain View Ice Arena is ACPHOCKEY gym (open every day of the week) where I run programs to complement the on-ice work my players put in.

My education includes a decade of strength/speed/agility training as a high-level collegiate athlete and professional hockey player. This has given me a thorough working knowledge of how to train to maximize strength, speed and power to make you the best player you can be.


My philosophy is to design programs that will most impact each individual player. I don’t work off a one-size-fits-all template; I make sure each player is getting what they need. Some players need gain muscle, some need to create tone, others need to trim down. With my help players will accomplish their fitness goals.

Nutrition Education

In addition to fitness classes, I took nutrition classes in college, and during my career I was always diligent about fueling my body properly to keep myself at the top of my game. I have continued educating myself over the last decade, and with my expertise I’ll help design a nutritional plan that will keep you at peak performance.

I’ve put together my overall fitness and nutritional philosophies in a book I spent my career updating and refining. I took notes of all the fitness and nutritional elements that helped me in my career. I’ve distilled all the information into a manual to help you achieve your maximum potential, and it will help you not only on the ice but in your everyday life.

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